January 25, 2019

WebYogis- Digital Marketing Institute in Pitampura Delhi

digital marketing institute in pitampura

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing sprouted up in the Indian markets just a few years ago but became so pivotal and widespread that it sprouted up as a mainstream subject. Everyone irrespective of their age was eager to learn and specialize in it. Digital marketing arose due to the need for competitive marketing as India became more digitalised. In this digital era, marketing and branding of the products are on the go 24/7.

Digital marketing, in layman’s language, is any form of marketing products or services involving electronic devices – online and offline.

The fundamental goals of Digital Marketing:

  1. Digital marketers have a simple and distinct picture of how digital marketing campaigns may support a company’s exceeding goals.
  2. Depending on the goals of the marketing strategy, marketers can substructure a larger campaign through free and paid channels at their disposal.
  3. Every marketing campaign has the ultimate objective to gain more leads and customers. This brings a new blood flow in the business.
  4. We are aware, content is the king, the sole way of interaction with customers. One mistake and customers might not be any more interested in your brand. Creating content such as thank you emails, welcome emails, personalized offers and so on makes the customer feel special and cared for.
  5. Moreover, digital marketing has levelled up and equalized the competition in all kinds of markets. It provides equal opportunities to all- from small scale startups to big businesses, to acquire the same assets and engage with a multitude of users at the same time.
  6. The conversion rate is higher- from viewers to leads and then subscribers, tools like SEO, SEM, email marketing, etc generate a quick and constructive channel to communicate with clients in a cost-effective way.   

What will you learn at Webyogis?

At Webyogis, a Digital marketing institute in Pitampura Delhi, you learn how to use digitization tools to grow your business. It is both, the skills and degree that can help you grow. After completion of the training not only will you become an expert in digital marketing but you will also be a Google, Facebook & Hubspot professional. We are a leading institute for Digital Marketing course in Pitampura Delhi with highly qualified professionals that provide the best training online and offline. We help you to add skills that are valued globally & break on through to the other side. Some of the courses we offer are:

  • Facebook Blueprint Certifications
  • AdWords Certification
  • Content Marketing certification
  • Email Marketing certification
  • SEO certifications
  • Mobile marketing and optimization
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Web analytics

We are a certified Digital Marketing Institute in Pitampura Delhi who are driven by purpose. We pioneered this Digital Marketing Institute in Pitampura Delhi to help students with certifications that further assist businesses to flourish. We choose Delhi as it the largest and busiest port for India’s foreign trade, major international airport and a headquarters to massive business ventures. The Indian economy is concentrated in Delhi creating the most valuable jobs and to make the trainings more equipped, we have our training centre well connected by metro and road.

What will you learn at Digital Marketing Institute in Pitampura Delhi?

1.Levelling the Online playing field –

Digital marketing provides small businesses to medium and big businesses to generate their traffic equally with effective tools. Every company has the same resources and assets to lure its clients thus making the competition cutthroat. 

2.  Cost-effective methods 

Small scale businesses have less capitalization but with the same assets of Digital marketing with all, good marketing campaigns and channels can deliver better results. 40 per cent of businesses have claimed to get considerable amounts of savings with digital marketing methods of promotions and services. According to Hubspot, Digital marketers get better CPL ie, Cost Per Lead as compared to other marketing channels.

3. Delivering Conversion –

Online businesses that market their products and services measure success by the percentage of the incoming traffic getting converted into leads, subscribers and sales. This is called conversion optimization.

4. Targeting Audiences-

Interacting and providing your customers with proper engagement actions can give you a better insight into the demands of your audiences. This will also help your business in gaining customer retention and experience. You will be able to drive the revenue with personalized offers and up-sell rates. As a digital marketer, you will focus on targeting a precise audience in quick time.

5. Catering to Mobile Customers-

Mobile gadgets have evolved over the years as an alternative for laptops and personal computers. They have developed into something that is influencing the customers in their purchasing decisions. 91% of the adults in the world have their devices within their reaching distance. 

6. Building Brand Reputation-

Once your business delivers the promised consistently, it will simultaneously build a healthy and better relationship with the targeted audiences. Furthermore, you can choose your brand ambassadors. Digital marketing leverages on social media signals, social proof and testimonials from customers who have previously purchased, joined or availed a product or service marketed by a particular brand as this helps in building the brand’s reputation.

7. Enticing Favourable Action-

Digital marketers can make use of clever and innovative ways to lure conversion by Call to Action. It specifies about what the visitors should do next. At Webyogis, Digital marketing institute in Pitampura Delhi, we teach you the best innovative forms, buttons, and texts that are optimized according to the copy, color scheme, graphics and positioning of the page to generate best results from favorable actions.

8. Being Ready for the Internet of Things-

This is an unique feature you learn at Webyogis. It is a global ecosystem of interconnected devices- tables to smartphones that interact with each other through the internet. The survival of your business with Internet of Things implies the interconnecting grid giving you access to reach your targeted deadlines.

In short, we teach you how proven strategies and techniques can attract necessarily more traffic and also delivers good results. We teach you the survival of your business.

Different mediums of lessons :

With us, you’ll find a wide range of carefully curated programmes, crafted with ‘design and thinking’ at the core of it. Each rigorous curriculum, within our comprehensive range of courses, has been designed to shape classroom students into future business leaders.

  • Distance learning programmes- Online
  • Full time programmes
  • Part time master programmes
  • Executive programmes
  • Diploma programmes

Written By – Simranjeet Kaur

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