Computer working slow issue read this to fix

Computer working slow is the most common issue faced by computer users, in this post we will help you to get rid of Computer working slow issue. Computers are the necessity of our lives now a days, we are using computers for home, office and study work. Sometimes we need to complete some urgent work on computers and then we found Computer is working very slow.

Computer working slow issue

Below are the reasons for Computer Working slow

  • Junk Files: Junk files are temporary files which saved in computers from Internet browser and from some application software’s these file increasing automatically.
  • Redirect Virus: Redirect virus or Browser hijack virus is also one of the reason for Computer working slow. Redirect virus comes from applications or software which you install by mistake from unsecured websites.
  • Start-up Programs:   Start-up programs are services which automatically start with computer, so when you turn ON or restart computer it will take long time to load the Computer Windows.
  • Desktop files: These files are saved on home screen or desktop of your computers. While you save lots of files on your computer home screen  then your Computer will work slow.

How to fix Computer working slow issue permanently?

Now get ready to note down all the require steps helps you to fix Computer working slow error.

  • Remove junk files: Follow these instructions to remove Junk files, open run command and type temp press enter. Now select and permanently delete all files. In next steps type %temp% in run command and the select all and permanently delete files. If you want to delete these files in just one click then download Asingh system optimizer, unzip the folder and run this after 15 days interval to get rid of Computer working very slow issue.
  • Get rid from redirect virus: To remove redirect virus go to add remove programs in control panel then remove all unwanted application and software’s. Now remove all unwanted extensions from your all browsers like Google chrome, edge, Internet explorer, Firefox and Safari.
  • Remove unwanted Start-up programs: In windows 10 open task manager by pressing ctrl+shift+esc key all together. In task manager windows click on Start-up and then right click disable all unwanted services, make sure you will not disable any service that requires to run your computer smoothly.
  • Manage desktop or home screen files: To make some free space on your home screen go to D drive of your computer and create a folder and then move all unnecessary files from your home screen to that folder.

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