January 27, 2019

SEO Training institute in Pitampura Delhi

online seo training institute in pitampura

What is SEO?

SEO training institute in Pitampura, New Delhi will tell you about Search Engine Optimization.

Imagine you are a librarian and people, from students to professionals in different industries and business owners from all around the globe come to you for the information about books. These people are dependent on you for the exact book they need. How would you do it? This is only possible if you know about all the books, the precise information one can find inside them and how do they relate to each other. Now, this is a completely hypothetical situation because it is nearly impossible to remember so much information and thus, you need a system. The system will record all the necessary information in bulk and will be close at hand.

Google, Bing, Yahoo and others are like the librarians of the internet which have an arsenal of information about a plethora of web pages so that one can find exactly what they are looking for. Every search engine has a particular programme, called an algorithm that is responsible to convert and process the data into useful search results- the different links to web pages that we see on our home page. As a business owner, you will always want your website to be searched for the maximum. As a marketer, you will always want your ads to be visible on every page. In this context, the search results matter and so do the Rankings. Your website’s ranking in the search results increases your visibility and higher the rankings, the more people will be able to take notice of your products or services.

With the purpose of acquiring more customers by elevating your rank, your website must have the key ingredients that search engines need to run its programs. This is exactly what is called Search Engine Optimization or SEO.

Webyogis is an SEO training institute in Pitampura, New Delhi, where we provide the easiest and uncomplicated ways to help you understand every course. We offer the best Online SEO course in Pitampura, New Delhi. You can expect common examples with no rocket science, to teach you the intricate workings of Digital Marketing.

How does SEO work?

We discussed earlier the multitude of web pages available on different search engines. Google is used by 90% of the people worldwide making it the best search engine but the techniques of the SEO are common for all search engines. When you search for a web page on Google, what do you see? First, the number of sites that are registered with Google having similar and relevant information that you need. On one side, you can see the companies that pay Google to advertise their product or service but the most pivotal section is that with actual results of your search- the websites that contain the most relevant information that you are looking for.

The words used in the search engine matter the most. For example, if you search about a salon, Google will deliver the best salons- the top-ranked ones. Similarly, if you search for something more specific such as new movies in 2019, it will narrow the searches to the specific movies released in 2019. The words that are used in the search engine are responsible for the results presented. The title of the page is the next imperative thing in Google’s Algorithm because it actually summarizes the page in a way. For example, a movie’s website might have a title such as- best-released movies in 2019, all movies 2019 and so on. Search engine words, title, alongside with the words included in the different links of a website and how interconnected links can maintain a good reputation for a brand or business is what completes a good SEO procedure.

There are a number of tactics used for the perfect algorithm to run. These algorithms are well defined and change from time to time to maintain the freshness and originality of the content. In the Online SEO course at Pitampura in New Delhi, we educate our students about the different ingredients that are required to be visible on the search engine. We will further help you maintain a good rank on the web page using various tricks that are best for the website’s business or product.

Some of the modules covered in the Online SEO course at SEO Training institute in Pitampura, New Delhi are:

1.Market business analysis– This module comprises of website analysis and competitive market analysis that guides how to use Meta descriptions/ sets and examining the content keywords for strategic positioning of the website.

2.  Keyword research and development– In this module one learns how to identify a list of target keywords and phrases. Students are given projects to maintain a database or an excel sheet to track the traffic generated by each word, using different phrases/ singular/ plurals of the same word, traffic conversions, etc.

3.    Content Optimization– Here, we educate students about the distinct ways keywords are directed to generate traffic, developing new sitemaps, creating Meta tags and how/ why is it important to index your page, etc.

4.   Tests and maintenance– In order to retain your position, the content needs to be refreshed from time to time. Keeping a track of the changes and traffic is mandatory to understand the mechanism between the website and market.

Additionally, with the Online SEO training course, we also suggest the students go through the SEM- Search Engine Marketing (Google Ads) course and Content Marketing course to acquire the complete knowledge on why content is called the ‘king’ of a website.

Importance and Benefits of SEO:

With our expertise in Digital Marketing, Webyogis, certifies itself as the best SEO training institute in Pitampura, giving a special force to its Online SEO course in Pitampura because it understands how crucial it is to launch a website at a higher ranking and generate traffic leading to its conversion into leads and revenue.

The following points will tell you why SEO is important and how can you benefit from the Online SEO training institute in pitampura, irrespective of your age and profession:

1.  An SEO consultant is like a pillar of business. It is a long term strategy that holds a business upright in the market. People will know about your product or service as long as they see you on the internet. It keeps your business in the eyes of the public 24/7.

2.  With the SEO services, your website is ranked better on the search engine. As everyone wants to use or be associated with the best brands and if you are not giving a cut-throat competition, your business is most likely to face massive setbacks.

3.  The SEO department of a company boosts the traffic generated and converts them into leads affecting the revenue, research and purchase cycle. A website with fresh and original content will always attract more customers, having a high audience engagement percentage.

4.  SEO services take time but are cost-effective in every possible way. It is like an investment. The expenditure on SEO can not only be recovered but the revenue can actually be doubled if you invest the right time and effort in it. It is much better and low in expense as compared to Paid Traffic.

5.  SEO services or SEO consultant leverages social media sharing, helps to engage with more customers on a wider platform, at the same time. This also builds trust, reliability and credibility of the brand/ business.

Learn Search Engine Optimization training course Online and grow your business with the best SEO training institute in Pitampura, New Delhi.

Written By – Simranjeet Kaur

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